Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boys Best Friend

When I first brought The Hulk home I was worried I would have to get rid of our dog Lena. She is very high strung and honestly very naughty. I figured she would be horrible with a baby. Boy was I wrong!

Lena and The Hulk are best friends. She is so very protective of him. In fact now that he is climbing she is never far away.

She is always watching over him. And she has been known to growl at him when he is into something he shouldn't be. She also barks like a fool if I'm out of the room and he is hurt or upset. In fact when he started having his last asthma attack I was in the other room and she went nuts when he was struggling for air.

I swear they have a special language. He will jabber to her and she seems to understand. He likes to show her the pictures in his books and that crazy dog lays still and lets him.

They have been known to work together to increase the naughty factor. The Hulk will stand on Lena to reach things that are higher up. She helps him remove clothing and he gives her food she shouldn't have.

And when the mean mama intervenes and stops their shenanigans they have even been known to pout together.

Clickin Mama

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