Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Do You Feed That Kid

What do you feed that kid? Oh if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that I would be one rich mama! I think people assume that The Hulk eats a lot or eats crap since he is such a big boy. Neither of those things is true. He used to eat a lot but in the last few months he has slowed down quite a bit. The great thing is that kid will eat pretty much anything. He has yet to meet a veggie he didn't like. So here are a few of the things The Hulk ate the other day.

For lunch he had strawberries, lima beans, cucumber, and garbanzo beans. I just chop everything up and he feeds himself. He loves to be a big boy and do it himself. The dog also loves this because she steals whatever he drops....

For dinner he had a cheese quesadilla (whole wheat tortilla with a little shredded cheese) chopped up, some grapes and carrots. He loved the tortilla and it was an easy way to get some whole grains in.

I try to have every meal include a grain, protein, veggie and/or fruit. The Hulk eats way more veggies than he does fruit. He just likes them more. That kid would eat green beans and lima beans all day if you would let him. Pretty simple to feed him. I'm so lucky he is not a picky eater!!!!

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