Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Letter

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there. I hope you have a wonderful day! I'm sure I will. I tend to write The Hulk letters and stick them away for him so one day he will have them. I don't usually share but today I will... Again I hope you all have a fabulous mother's day!

Hey The Hulk-

Happy Mother's Day! It's our second one together! How can that be? Things are just flying by and you are getting so big. When I was growing up my mom, your Grandma Dee, would always get Aunt Heather and I a present for Mother's Day. She always said without us she wouldn't be a mother. I thought she was really silly then but now I get it. Without you I wouldn't be a mother and you are the best gift of all! Oh how I love you!

I was thinking the other night about how much I love being your mom. Watching you grow and loving you is amazing! I also spend a lot of time thinking about how I don't want to screw up! You are too precious to screw up as your mom. But honestly love I'm going to screw up. In fact I already do.

So since we know I can't be perfect I'm just hoping I can be enough for you. I hope I can love you enough, teach you enough, support you enough, and adore you enough to help you become the best man you can be.

The one thing I hope you always remember is that even though I'm not perfect you do have a perfect parent, God. See he knows everything from beginning to end. And nothing surprises God. When I end up shocked by something you do he isn't. He already knew it would happen. When I screw up he won't. He will always provide you with perfect love and support. So on those days that you are fed up with me and my crazy advice or lectures know that he will always listen and guide you.

Alright sweet boy it's almost time for you to wake up. And we have mother's day to spend together. So I'm gonna sign off and go wrap your present.

All my love,

Your Mama

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