Thursday, April 30, 2009

Help A Girl Out

As a single mom I'm pretty good at doing things on my own. I rarely have to ask for help. I can pay the bills, cook the meals, rock the baby, and still find time to blog and take some pictures. I'm really fortunate that I have an "easy" baby and I'm a good multi tasker. But there are those times I and every other mom out there could use some help. And I've noticed a trend that shows that people aren't so great at helping. So let's review the proper etiquette for helping folks with small children.

Hold the door! Seriously! I'm not joking. On a given day I could be lugging a 30 pound baby, my purse, his diaper bag, my camera bag, and a toy, sippy cup, etc. While hauling all of this he is probably pulling my hair or necklace or trying to lunge out of my arms to catch the butterfly that just flew by. Would it kill ya to hold a door open for me?

If You Can't Say Something Nice, Shut the Hell Up! If we are behind you in the line at the grocery store and an adorable baby happens to be having a melt down please don't make comments like, "oh is someone upset" or "why is he crying", or my favorite "your baby is crying". Really? I didn't hear the wailing or notice that he has turned into a pile of screaming writhing jello in the cart. Thanks for pointing this out captain obvious!

So that's what I know... Hold the door and hold your tongue. And smile! Smiling wouldn't kill ya. I promise, my baby doesn't want to inconvenience you or disrupt your day. In fact he is probably just as annoyed with you as you are with him. So just chill and we will get out of your way as quickly as possible!

Clickin Mama

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