Sunday, December 6, 2009

20 Months!

The Hulk is 20 months old! Mr. The Hulk has turned into Mr. Comedian! This month has been full of laughs. The Hulk has really figured out how to crack me up. He is always putting on a show to try and get a chuckle out of me. He also has some dang funny expressions that always leave me laughing.


One of the best things about The Hulk is how he can turn any object into a toy of some sort. It doesn't matter if it is a wooden spoon or one of my hair rollers. He will play with anything. And now his imagination is really starting to develop. Playing with him in the evenings before bed is one of my favorite things!


This month The Hulk has really started to talk. One day he wasn't saying much and the next day he kept saying "What's That" over and over. And when you tell him he attempts to repeat it. This verbal explosion has been very welcome! It has really helped alleviate some of his frustration and it's so nice to be able to ask him something and have him answer instead of having to guess. I love that he is a talker!


As always The Hulk learned some new things this month. Here are a few of my favorites...

He knocks on doors now before opening them. And he says a version of please and thank you! I'm so hoping to raise a polite young man!

He puts/throws his cup in the sink when finished with it and he also puts clothes that I hand him out of the washer into the dryer for me. Chores already! YAHOO!!!

He can do actions to songs now which is a super fun party trick. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star anyone?

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Some new words that The Hulk started using this month are shoe, hat, drink, car, truck, go, sock, box, music, easy, again, do it, where, and baby.

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