Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grandpa's Are Great!

My Dad came home for a visit recently. My sister Heather graduated from college and he couldn't miss that. So while he was here The Hulk was one happy boy! He has figured out that Grandpa's are pretty darn great.

Grandpa's are great for hugging, reading, wrestling and rough housing. Grandpa's are great for fixing things and playing and most of all snuggling. Grandpa's mean you get to bend some rules and stay up late. And Grandpa's will even lay with you until you fall asleep.

Not only are Grandpa's great but so are Dad's. While my Dad was here he did lots of really great things for me. I couldn't get any time off work so while I was at work he did all my laundry, fixed the shelves in a couple of my cabinets, cleaned my garage, turned in my recycling, and got my oil changed for me. After he left I also found out that he did a little extra shopping for me leaving behind lots of laundry detergent and cleaning things that cost a lot but you seem to always use. And he even filled my car up with gas! Thanks dad!!!!

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So The Hulk had lots of fun with his Grandpa. And I had lots of fun with my Dad! We wish he lived closer so we could see him more often. Hopefully we can lure him back for another visit soon!

Love you Dad... Love you Grandpa...

Love us!

Clickin Mama and The Hulk

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