Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Think I Can

The Hulk and I live in a ranch style house on a cement slab. That means there are no stairs in our house at all. And Miss Liz has no stairs at daycare either. So even though The Hulk is rapidly approaching two years old he doesn't know how to climb stairs. Well I should say he didn't know how. Because on Thanksgiving day The Hulk learned how to climb stairs for the first time. My Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Tom have stairs at their house and The Hulk was determined to figure them out.



I love watching The Hulk learn how to do new things. And I love it when I can actually capture it in pictures.

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And seriously doesn't he look adorable in jeans! I just love how he looks as a big boy. He is like a little man running around or climbing around. I just love this age!!!

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