Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dr. Mommy

Blood has always made me feel a little yucky. And I am not much for giving shots. And I never thought I could perform surgery. But motherhood changes you. You become braver and tougher. You have to put aside your fears for the sake of your child. So doctor I have become! Surgery is nothing for this mama!

Elmo surgery that is!


It seems this Elmo had his stuffing loved right out of him. So with The Hulk holding Elmo's hand we performed a little operation. Elmo and I both were brave. And at the end of the day the only one left bleeding was me. Elmo came through the procedure with flying colors. He even got to go back to The Hulk's bed the same night. What can I say Elmo is one tough guy!

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The Hulk has been very kind and supportive of Elmo as he recovers from this procedure. There is no rough housing with Elmo and he is given lots of hugs and kisses. The Hulk also makes sure we change Elmo's bandages frequently. You wouldn't want Elmo to get an infection or something. I have a feeling that Elmo will make a full recovery by the end of the weekend. Let's all hope because Dr. Mommy is running low on band aids.

Oh the things we do for our children....

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