Monday, December 7, 2009

Rough Day

The little man has had a rough day today. He was coughing most of the weekend and I thought it was just asthma and a cold. But today he got a fever at daycare and had another seizure. It seems that is just what The Hulk does when he gets a fever. And by the time I picked him up his breathing had worsened and he was starting to have retractions. No fun. So off to the doctor we went.

Luckily we have so far avoided being admitted to the hospital. But it is still a possibility if he doesn't respond quickly to the steriods and antibiotics that the doctor prescribed. I'm hopefully optimistic that he will rebound quickly at home and we can avoid the hospital all together. Traditionally The Hulk gets very sick very quickly. It's like he is a little sick and then he jumps off a cliff and is in pretty bad shape in moments. But he also bounces back very quickly. He does respond well to medication so I'm really fortunate.

My friend Darby asked me today how I was doing. And honestly I'm doing pretty well. I told her that it is kind of becoming old hat. While I still take his breathing problems and seizures very seriously I'm starting to figure him out. There are some things I really look for that are clear indicators to me that The Hulk is in real trouble. If The Hulk can't/won't drink I know we must get medical care as soon as possible. That is a very clear sign that he is not breathing well at all. In fact I can about gaurantee that if we are at that point his oxygen stats are below 90. And sure enough today I was right. Learning his signs helps me very much to stay calm. So while I still get worried about him at least I don't have to panic all the time. Just when the signs point in that direction. :-)

So that's my story....

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