Friday, December 4, 2009

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I love taking senior pictures. So much personality comes out. But this session with Mr. C has to have been my favorite senior session with a boy. While I love taking senior pictures it is often a really ackward age for kids. They are almost adults but not really and sometimes conversation can be difficult. Most often that's a problem with the boys rather than the girls. But not so with Mr. C.

Mr. C was one of the most outgoing, friendly, and just darn kind young men I have ever met. You could just tell that he had a happy spirit and some amazing parents. They raised a great young man. If my The Hulk turns out half as wonderful as Mr. C I will be thrilled. For example, Mr. C is a football player. I really wanted to get some pics of him on the university football field. Of course the gate was locked but there was a hole in the fence. So I say let's go thru there. He got about half way thru and stopped. He said it made him feel sneaky and that if we were supposed to be in there the gate would be open. So true Mr. C. I couldn't even get him to trespass for a good cause!




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You are a joy Mr. C. Thanks for letting me take your pics!

Clickin Mama


Melba said...

What a good looking young man, makes me wonder if that's what our little men will look like someday, when they're all grown up!

Great job on the pictures!!


Andrea said...

I really like picture #3! Super good! :)