Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snowed In!

We have spent Christmas officially snowed in! We got a lot of snow. Right around 8 inches I believe. Which really that isn't so much but the high winds have caused horrible snow drifts. Some of the drifts come up to my waist. It's crazy. I haven't seen snow like this since I was a kid. The Hulk is quite mesmerized by it.

He runs to the backdoor and gazes out regularly and then comes to find Heather and I and takes us to view it also. I think everytime he sees it he is surprised. He was really shocked when we opened the door so he could see it up close and personal. The drift at the back door almost comes to his head which you can tell from the pics. Pretty intimidating for a little guy. We think he thought the snow was hard because he bent down to touch it and sunk right in up to his elbows. This was pretty upsetting to him so we saved him quickly and now if I go to open the door he tells me no no mama.
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I did try to venture out today to get milk and bread. I got stuck three times going the mile to the store. So not worth the trip. Maybe tomorrow we can try again. Or we may wait till everything thaws. I love the snow but hate being stuck. YUCK! Luckily Heather has been here so I've had some adult interaction. We have enjoyed the company. The Hulk adores her so much. He follows "da da" around everywhere and mimicks the way she stands, leans against the counter, and holds her drink. I think the cuteness is wearing off and the cabin fever is kicking in. I'm sure she won't be really sad to leave us tomorrow and get back to her quiet and clean apartment. We will miss her though. Maybe I should put more snow around her car so she can't get out....

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