Thursday, December 3, 2009

You Tiger

Did you all know that I have a huge love affair with Tiger Woods. It's true. I always have. In fact I hated golf before Tiger. But there is something about him that makes me watch the game in a whole new way. Oh I remember what it is about him that does that. It's his beautiful biceps and amazing smile. And I also really really adored his relationship with his father. He loved his dad! And a person that really loves and adores their parents always gets my attention.

So since I love him you would think that I would be more caught up in the Tiger drama of the last few days. But I'm not. Because honestly I don't think their should be any drama. The guy wrecked his SUV. Granted he did so in the middle of the night leaving his house but seriously he wrecked his SUV. Lots of people wreck their cars every day. This should not be on the news!!!

And in the midst of the wrecking of SUV's it comes out that he might be having an affair. And then my Tiger admits to transgressions.... And then again I wonder why is this on TV. LOTS of people have affairs every day! This should not be on the news. His name is Tiger! Did you really think he was faithful to his wife???

Is it only me that wonders why this is "news". Why is someone's driving record and stories of sexual conquests on CNN? Is there nothing else they could focus on? Did you know that World Aids Day was yesterday? Probably not because it wasn't mentioned on the major news networks because they were busy talking about Tiger. Something is very wrong with that....

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