Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Traditions

Every family has holiday traditions and I'm always fascinated by that. I am intrigued by the little things that become big traditions in families. For example as a kid it was always a holiday tradition that us kids got to pick out the wrapping paper we wanted for our gifts. Then all of our presents were wrapped in that paper. It saved mom a ton of time because she didn't have to put tags on all the packages. And it was cool for us kids to pick our own paper.

I knew that this was a tradition that I wanted to carry on with my own children. But I was anticipating starting it this year. I really didn't think The Hulk could pick his paper yet. But I was wrong! We were at the store and we weren't even there for wrapping paper. But he started screaming Melmo over and over. And I turned around and there on the shelf was a roll of Elmo Christmas paper. So the tradition has continued. The Hulk held his Melmo paper all through the store, the car ride home and played with it until nap time that day. When he fell asleep I hid it so it would survive to wrap the presents.

He is gonna be so thrilled to see his Melmo paper on Christmas morning!


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