Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Day


With all the snow we have had you would think we would have been spending a lot of time outside playing in it. But that wasn't the case until this evening. The wind has been blowing so hard that it just made it too cold to be out. When it gets real cold The Hulk' asthma seems to get bad. So finally this evening the wind died down and we headed out to play!

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The Hulk spent our entire time outside fluctuating between loving the snow and hating the snow. I think he was honestly just thrilled to be outside. Being couped up indoors has about pushed this high energy boy over the edge. But he wasn't sure what to think of the snow. At first he didn't want it on him and would scream about it being stuck to his gloves. Then he decided it was fun to throw and okay to play with. But then he tried to run around which proved difficult for him. So he wasn't a huge fan but at least he had fun and got some fresh air.


Rumor has it that more snow is coming our way. I suppose that will give The Hulk even more to experience and become accustomed too. I'm just hoping it doesn't cause us to be stuck inside for as long as last time!

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jodilee0123 said...

Clickin Mama! These are awesome pictures! I hope 2010 brings many new blessings to you and your family!