Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Things You Don't Think Of

Before you have children you try to imagine what it will be like. You think of the fun games you can play. The cuddles and snuggles. All the books you will read and songs you will sing. You think of late nights and feedings. You think of toys and carseats and safety devices. But there are some things you just never think of. You can't really. Because there are moments as a parent when you just find yourself in awe. You catch yourself in moment and think can this be real. Is this really happening.

Because some of those things that you don't think of include....

A toddler standing on a chair and reaching for an object on an end table. He looks so cute and you begin to reach for him to help him balance. And right as your hand approaches to protect he slips and falls. His little toddler skull slams into the table and you both scream. You are only inches away and can do nothing. So now your cute toddler looks like a boxer that lost a fight with a swollen eye and puffy cheek.

Or how about that moment that you snuggle in with your baby after he has slammed his skull on a table to comfort him. You cuddle with him and give him some juice. He starts to feel better as you apply the frozen peas to his battered face. After he finishes his juice you take the cup to the kitchen and return to see him jumping in the chair. You sit him down in the chair and remind him that jumping isn't good on furniture. He immediately pops back up and spews vomit across the chair and your newly cleaned carpet and then plops right back down like nothing happened. Yep you never think that will happen before you have kids.

Oh and how about that moment when you call your sister to tell her all about how crazy your night has been. You call to tell her about how freaky parenting is and how you must be a really crappy mom to let your baby slam his head on a table right in front of you. And in the middle of your conversation as you vent and clean puke off your floor you look up to see your toddler walking right off the edge of the chair and slamming his already bruised face into the floor and a puddle of puke. That is something you never think of before you have kids!

But I wouldn't know anything about that. We only read stories and sing songs here. Nothing crazy like that could ever happen in this house. Nope tonight we sipped hot chocolate and watched It's a Wonderful Life. There is no way in the world any of those things could happen!

Clickin Mama


Julie said...

OMG this post was awesome. You are an awesome Mom. :)

jodilee0123 said...

Sounds like my Jada--only she runs across the kitchen table. People think I'm joking when I say that. Just when her black eye went away--she smashed it into the corner of something again--same eye--same place. Yeah, I know your days and nights all too well! My own chaotic bliss!