Friday, March 19, 2010

Cake Conversation

Hulk's 2nd birthday is Sunday! I know that doesn't seem possible but it is the truth. And since I can't boycott the day I decided we better just celebrate it. Which means my boy needs a birthday cake. So I went to the dreaded Wal-mart to order him a birthday cake. Lucky me I had to get the dumbest cake lady on the planet. So because it was so painful for me I just have to share it with you. This is our conversation. I am (Me) and she is (DACL) for dumb ass cake lady.

Me: Do you have any Elmo cake decorations?

DACL: Hmmmm let me look. (She looks for about 5 minutes) Nope

Me: Do you have anything sesame street?

DACL: I have sponge bob.

Me: No sesame street?

DACL: Dora

Me: (trying to move on) Okay well how about we just do this cake and put Happy Birthday Sylas on it.

DACL: She gets out her note pad and writes down the cake number. This isn't Elmo.

Me: I know it isn't. You said you didn't have Elmo. Do you have Elmo?

DACL: No we don't.

Me: Okay then just do this cake and have it say Happy Birthday Sylas.

DACL: Spelling it out for me. H A P P Y B R I T H D A Y.

Me: No it's b i r t h d a y.

DACL: Oh okay so it says Happy Birthday Elmo.

Me: (Trying not to scream) No it's happy birthday Sylas. He wanted an Elmo cake but you don't have Elmo so I just want this cake to say Happy Birthday Sylas.

DACL: Okay ( She finishes that)

Me: Okay I also need one of the petite cakes to match the big cakes.

DACL: Which petite cake. We just have Barbie today.

ME: I don't need the petite cake today. I need to pick it up on Sunday. I don't want Barbie I just want it to match the big cake. Same colors, etc.

DACL: Well it's round.

ME: I know it is round. I just want the colors to be the same. The same blue and red and green with dots.

DACL: Oh okay what do you want written on it.

Me: Just a 2.

DACL: Writes down #2 on her notepad.

Me: Now it will just be the number right. Not the number sign.

DACL: Yes and the barbie.

ME: Okay let's try again. Petite cake, red blue green polka dots, NO BARBIE with a 2 on top. Got that?

DACL: Sure. Thanks for coming by. You want these today right.

SO I am officially a bit scared to go pick up the cakes on Sunday. Who know what kinda cake Hulk will have.

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Julie said...

On no. You better order from another bakery! That lady will for sure screw something up. There's got to be another place you can go. You still have time!