Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

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My Sweet Hulk-

Today is your 2nd birthday! Another amazing year with you as my little boy has passed by. And what a year it has been! There isn't a single day that passes without me thanking God for you. You are so quickly growing into a hilarious, kind, loving little boy. It's such an honor to be your mama!

This past year has been such a year of exploration for you. For the first year of your life I was pretty much your world. You needed me for everything. But this year you figured out that there is a whole lot of world in front of you. So you have spent a large portion of it running from me. Rather than think of it has running from me I like to think of it as you taking life head on. And that you do! You fear nothing! And you enjoy everything! You inspire me to look at the world differently. And for that I thank you!

So my sweet boy I hope that 2 is good to you. I hope you continue to grow and laugh and learn and love the way you have so far. I pray that you continue to rush forward in your determined and excited ways. The world is in front of you love and it's just waiting for you. Just remember though that your mama is always behind you. It wouldn't hurt a thing if you came back this way occassionaly and gave me a hug or two.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Mama loves you!!!


jodilee0123 said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the cake turns out! :0)

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Sylas!!!!