Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That Kind of Mom

I'm the kind of mom that....

Let's her kid play in the bathtub until the water is ice cold
and he turns into a wrinkled a prune.

Sometimes loses her temper over silly little things
but holds it together in the middle of pure chaos.

Thinks someday having a dad around would be a great idea
but also doesn't want to share her child with another parent.

Teaches her kid how to say his prayers and say please and thank you
but also teaches him how to stick out his tongue, do a touch down dance, and say "Yo".

Doesn't always cook a "real meal" but tries to sneak veggies and fruit into every meal.

Let's her little one climb in her bed in the middle of the night
only because I know someday he won't and I'll miss it.

Hates to see her child hurt but also thinks those bumps and bruises
will make for quite a story someday and give him character.

Will wear old not cool clothes so she can buy whatever her kid needs.

Prays everyday to be the best mom possible but also laughs and let's go
of those not so perfect mom moments.

Talks like an Asian person just to make my kid laugh.

Wants to take my kid all over the world
but would settle for a lifetime of memories at home.

Is so thankful everyday that I was blessed with such a caring, funny,
silly, tough, intuitive, creative little boy.

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