Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Ramblings

So many random thoughts in my head... So grab a drink, get comfy in your seat and let's get to it!

First things first. My kidlet likes Elmo "Melmo". Actually he loves Melmo! Sometimes his love for Melmo and the fact that he plays really hard just wears him out.

Sometimes he gets so worn out he falls asleep on his aunt's lap. Which means it is the only time he is still enough for me to snap a pic of his adorable Elmo socks! He loves those socks. Well he loves all things Elmo!


And since he loves Elmo so much today he is getting his birthday present from me early! I am taking him to the big city today to meet up with his favorite Aunt or "da da" and we are going to see Sesame Street Live! I was stumped on what to get him for his birthday and then we found out the show was coming to a big city near us. I'm hoping he loves it as much or more than his socks!


This is a picture of my niece that I took at my sister's birthday party. I just find her to be incredibly cute and thought I would share the cuteness with you. She is sweet and fun and waddles when she walks. I miss the waddle walk that Hulk had when he first started walking.


And the last bit of randomness I have to share is simple. If you ever visit our house and you can't find our Sophie dog the solution is simple. Just look in the wagon! Somehow she winds up there frequently. This is odd since she cannot jump into or out of the wagon on her own. I think some little boy helps her but that could just be speculation on my part...
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jodilee0123 said...

Make sure you take some extra clothes and stuff. My girlfriend's daughter was crazy about Elmo too and got so excited at the Sesame Street live show that she threw up all over! :0) Just another fun memory! Have a fantastic time!