Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Oh thank goodness Spring is here! I love this weather. I love being outside. I love that Hulk can run and play and wear himself out. I love that I can run and play and chase him around and hopefully get rid of some winter weight in the process.



I love the look that he is giving me in this picture. He is so annoyed with me. He just wants to run and play I kept snapping pictures.


I love that I found a place with tons of hills for Hulk to run up and down. I love that he can run up and down them without falling down all the time. I love that my legs hurt so bad today from chasing him up and down the hills I could hardly walk. I'm hoping that means that some fat fell off!

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Heck I love a lot of things. This weather makes me happy. Keep the sunshine coming!!!

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Janis said...

Gorgeous pics! Wish you lived closer so I could hire you! :)