Monday, March 15, 2010

Love The Light

Okay at first I was a little upset about losing an hour of sleep. But I am so loving that it stays light later now! It makes the day feel so much longer. I got so much done this evening and it is still light out!

Hulk and I raked the backyard and bagged up all the leaves. He also made sure to jump in every water puddle he could find. Then we planted grass seed. He thought that was pretty cool but was a bit upset about not being able to eat it. Yes I do have some boundaries. I don't let him eat grass seed or fertilizer. Just some crazy rules I have.

After I got his mud caked shoes and pants off him he had a quick bath and we read about 18 books. That kid would read stories all night if you let him. Then he crashed hard. I think all the yard work wore him out. It's so nice to be able to get outside again. The fresh air is wonderful and well the sun is even better!

Then because I was feeling so darn productive I made my best friend's twins some baby food. Yes I realize that I'm weird. Not many people make baby food for their own kids so why in the heck would I do it for someone else's babies. But I love it. I really do. Which is weird since I'm not a huge cooking fan. But something about making baby food makes me a little bit happy inside. I never knew much about nutrition until I started making Hulk's food and it fascinates me. I like combining things to get complete proteins or baby sized healthy meals. So weird I may be but at least I'm good at something.

So enjoy the light folks! We sure are here!!!

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