Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

This has been such a wonderful weekend! Sesame Street Live was fabulous! Hulk was on best behavior and danced and clapped and had a grand time. I've never seen him so excited yet contained and focused before. He didn't miss a thing. They even did a couple of his favorite songs and he sang along and clapped. It really was a good show. It lasted a full 90 minutes and the lighting, dancing, and effects were really great. My sister and I had a good time too. My camera was on the list of cameras not allowed in the arena so I don't have any pics. My sister took a few but I haven't seen them yet. If they turned out I'll post them later.

Today was gorgeous out which was very nice. Today is the start of Walk Kansas which is an 8 week walking event that I'm a part of. I am on a team with 5 other people and we have to track how far we walk and how many fruits and veggies we eat every day. We are competing against about 40 other teams in our town. We have to walk or work out a minimum of 2 1/2 hours a week which equals 10 walk Kansas miles. Today Hulk and I took two walks for a total of 5 miles and we played like crazy in the backyard. That boy loves to be outside! So who knows between Walk Kansas and chasing him around I might lose some weight this spring.

The sleep challenge continues to go very well. In fact last week I lost 6 pounds and did nothing right eating or exercise wise. I really do believe that getting enough sleep helps me to not eat as much during the day and that of course means losing weight. So who knew that just getting enough sleep could kick start a diet!

Okay off to fold the laundry that I put off while playing in the great outdoors.

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