Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am no longer drowning in photographs. Now it's more like floating. My head is above water with only 942 left to go thru! I see the shore now. I'm hoping to have them all done by Wednesday. That is my goal. Then I'm going to clean my house! Yes I've neglected all my household duties to edit in every spare moment that I have. Things are getting slightly scary here. What do you want to bet they will want to show my house tomorrow morning when it is totally trashed. That would be my luck.

Today Hulk and I snuck outside to play. We had a great time in the sunshine. Except he forgot his listening ears in the house. Today he seemed to be completely deaf to every direction I gave him. Don't run towards the street, don't eat pinecones, put the dog poop down, please don't throw rocks at me, stop putting the dog in the bird bath. Yeah I actually say those things and yes he decided not to listen to me AT ALL today. So there was some naughty spot time.

Then there was the huge meltdown at the grocery store. He wanted a magazine off the shelf and I said the horrible word NO and all hell broke lose. It was like WW3 of a tantrum. I wanted to give in and just give him the damn magazine to shut him up. Seriously it's embarassing when they act like that. But no I held my ground and he flopped and screamed and carried on in the cart. The cashier asked me what was wrong with him and I explained in a soft and gentle voice that he has a severe allergic reaction to the word NO. She rolled her eyes but another mom in line gave me the look. You know the one. The look that says she understands. It's also the look that says don't beat him in public even though you really want too.

So that's my story. I'm off to edit. Feel free to stop by and help if you want!

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Julie said...

"It's also the look that says don't beat him in public even though you really want too."

HAHAHA I totally LOL-ed at that one. Hilarious!!!