Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adoption Issues

I'm sure most of you have heard the news about "missionaries" and I use that term lightly that went to Haiti to "save children" again used lightly and have now been charged with trying to take the children out of the country illegally. Ugh I could just scream about this! In fact I think I did yell at the radio a bit this morning while listening to the news reports.

While I am a huge advocate for adoption I'm a bigger advocate for families and responsible adoptions! I am sure that these people thought they were helping or saving children but their poor decision making can bring all adoptions from Haiti to a standstill. There are many legitimate adoptions pending in Haiti but all of that can be stopped by the poor choices of a few individuals.

I'm also so very frustrated by the idea that adoptions are "saving" children. While coming to America may provide children with food and shelter is it really saving them. If they are just temporarily seperated from their parents or they have relatives that could care for them in their country that would be in their best interest. I know I personally would rather go hungry or live in poverty then be seperated from my family. Adoptions don't save children that have families. Adoptions should only move forward when other options have been investigated and all adoption laws have been followed.

And while I'm ranting about this I just have to say who are we as a country to assume it is our job to "save" children. How arrogant are we? If something horrible happened in this country and you were seperated from your children how happy would you be that someone from another country came and took your kids to "save" them. The best way to "save" children is to help their families reconnect, rebuild, and recovery from the tragedy.

Okay enough of that. I just strongly believe that adoption is too important to sit by and watch as people make poor choices that can affect legal adoptions for years to come. The children's best interests must always be considered.

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