Saturday, February 20, 2010

Welcome Sophie

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While we are still missing Lena girl like crazy we welcomed our newest addition home today. Miss Sophie is a shitzu and is quite a spunky little pup. I'm sure she will fit in around here just fine in no time. My friend Dena's mom just had this litter of pups ready to go and when she heard about my Lena said to come over and take our pick. I hated to get a dog so quickly but was afraid to pass up the offer. Also Hulk has been looking all over for Lena and was breaking my heart so I thought Sophie might distract him.

He immediately began to call her Lena because all dogs are Lena dontcha know! I told him several times that her name is Sophie but he calls her Soapy which I think is pretty cute. It's not so cute when he tries to hug her to death or wrap her in blankets. Gonna have to keep a close eye on them until Sophie is big enough to hold her own.

So welcome home Sophie girl. Please don't go in the street or pee on my floor!


Melba said...

She's super cute, welcome to your new puppy!


Julie said...

OMG CUTEST PUPPY EVER!!!! Can't wait for more pics!