Friday, February 19, 2010

A Gift From Grandma

My sister and I have been spending a lot of time sorting thru things before the house sells. There is much that I will need to get rid of. But some things are just to precious to sell. A beautiful tea set that my mom had is one of those things. In fact there were several little tea sets so Heather and I each got to keep one. But one tea set went to a special little girl we know.


Our niece Mattie loves to have tea parties. So it seemed only fitting to pass on the tea set to her. She was a little nervous when we had her sit down to unwrap her gift from Grandma. We told her she had to be careful and boy was she. She was a little scared to touch it at first.


But once she saw what it was she was pretty happy. As soon as half of it was unwrapped she was ready for tea and coffee with us.


It's so cool to see her play with it. Our mom used to have tea parties with Heather and I frequently. I know if she was here she would love to have tea parties with her grandkids too. So I'm just thrilled that Mattie loved the gift so much.

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She also made sure to have her dad put it away high on a shelf so her sister and Hulk wouldn't mess with it. Smart girl!

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