Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not Me Monday

Wow Monday is almost over! I can assure you that I did NOT forget that it was Monday and time for this post. I'm NOT a little busy and distracted by things like days of the week.

I have NOT been cleaning my house like crazy in an effort to keep it show ready if people come to see it. I promise that I do NOT hate the time spent cleaning. I also do NOT love that the house looks so nice. I do NOT wish that it could always look like this with only half the effort.

I did NOT catch myself at an important meeting for work spacing of and humming a little song. If that happened I would NOT have been humming Sing Sing a Song by Big Bird. I'm way cooler than that!

I did NOT wear a pair of pants to work one day and take them off and throw them in the hamper. A couple days later when I was running late and running low on clean work pants I did NOT fish that same pair out of the hamper. About 10 that morning I can assure you that I did NOT feel something funny and look down to see a pair of under wear sticking out of the bottom of my pants. Yikes! I'm sure glad that did NOT happen to me!!!!

So what did you NOT do this week????


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