Friday, February 5, 2010

Q & A

I've had some questions lately and as usual this is always the easiest way to respond. So let's dive in and see what we have got. Some of you ask some tough questions!

If you sell your house won't you miss your mom more? Isn't that where she lived?

I don't think that anything could make me miss my more than I already do. This is where she lived right before she died. But my mom is not here. I'm slowly beginning to understand that my mom is wherever I am. She is in my heart and thankfully my heart travels well. So while there are memories of her here this isn't her home now. So we pack up and move forward.

Where are you going to move?

Wonderful question and one I ask myself fairly often. I don't know yet where we will move. When I get an offer on the house I'll figure that out. Who know I may just pack everything in a U-Haul and flip a coin and go. I'm feeling rather brave as of late.

Is Hulk still having temper tantrums?

You bet he is. In fact this evening he threw a big old fit because I would not let him get in the bathtub with his clothes on. I'm a mean mom like that. I am beginning to accept that this temper tantrum business is just part of life right now. I pick my battles and I have learned how to tune out the screaming and crying from time to time. Eventually he stops and we go back on about our day. I'm trying to just not make a big deal out of it anymore. Does that make sense?

How is your photography business going?

It is going well. In fact the first month of this year was busier than any other time in the past. I also have a few weddings coming up and several boudoir sessions scheduled. I love it! I just wish I could do it all the time. I've also been working on a special photography project that I'll be sharing with you all soon.

How did you come up with your blog nicknames?

Well have you seen my child??? He is an incredible hulk and an incredible hunk! He is one big boy. So if I was forced to give him a blog name then The Hulk just seemed like the best fit. And mine is simple. I'm always clickin away with my camera so Clickin Mama J seemed to fit. Though I would love to just always use our real names. I'm kinda fond of them.

Okay I must go to bed. I'm exhausted. Hope this answers some of your questions. As always feel free to message me anytime.

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