Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What You Really Mean

You know how sometimes you hear people or maybe yourself saying certain things and as soon as you hear it you think to yourself that's not what they really mean. You know it's true. We all say things we don't really mean. We do it to be socially appropriate or to display positive parenting. We do it so we don't get our butts kicked by people bigger than us or so we get that raise at work. We all do it. Here are just a few examples.

Today I said to Hulk: "Hulk please do not pick up the puppy like that. Put her down and pet her nicely."

What I really meant was: "Child if you pick that damn dog up like that again I will whack you in the head."

While on the phone with a friend I heard her say to her child: "Please stop bouncing that ball like I asked you too a minute ago."

What she really meant was: "If I ask you one more time I'm going to take that ball and all the rest of your toys and throw them away FOREVER!!!"

When you are trying to pee in a public bathroom and someone pushes the door open you say: "Oh it's okay."

What you mean is: "I'm in here trying to pee and maybe change my tampon and the door just slammed me in the head. If I wanted you to sit in my lap I would have invited you."

So what is it that you really mean?

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