Sunday, February 21, 2010


My sister's birthday is today! She is 23 this year which is just crazy to me! But since it's here birthday I made her traditional birthday cake.


You know some people make cakes from scratch and others make elaborately decorated cakes. But around these parts we are all about Strawberry cakes straight out of a box. Call us simple if you wish but we love them. Well actually my sister loves them. They are her favorite. So that's what I make.


Usually I do try to fancy up this boxed cake by making it in layers with lots of yummy cream cheese frosting. But I couldn't find my round cake pans. I believe that some little boy used them for something and didn't return them. And because I was making the cake during that boy's nap time I didn't waste a moment looking for them. I baked the traditional strawberry cake out of box in a nice aluminum throw away pan. I'm so darn fancy. Your jealous aren't you?

So here's to tradition, simplicity, and a super 23rd birthday to my beautiful sister.

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I've given you the beautiful blogger award, come on over and check it out!