Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Medium

My sister and I recently met with a medium. We have had palm readings done before and I've recently been very interested in trying out the medium experience. I went in trying to have no expectations but it was a really great experience for me. My sister wasn't as impressed as I was but for me it was awesome.

We of course wanted to know about our mom and the medium was able to tell us some things that were spot on about her. Things that made sense to us and I know put me at ease. One of the best parts for me was when the medium was telling me about mom and Hulk. There have been several times in the past that I have felt like maybe Hulk could see my mom or felt her or something. And the medium was able to give me some information that confirmed that. So I'm thrilled to report that my dead mother thinks my son is "a hoot!"

While I of course wanted to know some things about my mom I really wanted to talk to the medium about Hulk. There are some things that he has done and comments that have been made about him that really made me feel like a medium could provide some answers. And she was able to provide some answers and direction for me and that was a HUGE relief. Hulk even woke up from his nap while she was still at the house so she was able to meet with him too. It was interesting to me to watch their interaction. Very cool experience.

So before the comments start I just need to confirm to you all that I am still a Christian. I believe in God and I think that is the reason I can believe in the power of spirits and the fact that some people can communicate with them. I firmly believe that the relationships and love we have for people on this earth do not end with death. That connection remains and the energy of that kind of love has to go somewhere. Why wouldn't there be a way for someone to connect to it. If we can have a connection with God why wouldn't we be able to connect with the people we love the most after they die? While I know my views do not match everyone else's it is what I believe. It's what I have to believe. So feel free to disagree with me. I'm a big girl. I can handle that. I can even handle lively discussion. But please be respectful and play fair. :-)


Julie said...

I think it's cool.

Michelle said...

just be careful... i've seen satan use things like this to draw people in, and every time without fail it's been bad. really, really bad.

as in, people turning away from Jesus & dying bad.

praying you'll have wisdom & faith.