Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy Day Sunday

We have had quite the lazy day around here. We woke up late because some little boy was up most of the night with a fever. He didn't have any other symptoms just a dang fever and pretty restless. So we slept in and snuggled this morning. It was really nice. That doesn't get to happen very often.

After breakfast we got dressed and guess what was showing up on Hulks tummy and back? Chicken Pox! I knew that fever had to be from something. There are only two so far on his face but he has quite a few on his tummy, back, and one leg. I'm sure more will be coming. He is doing great with it so far. Not scratching them much and he went down for nap easily. The benedryl seems to help with the itching so that is good.

Honestly from the way the day has gone you wouldn't know he was sick. He has been super good and we have spent most of the day being lazy together. Reading books, playing with blocks, etc. Very low key. I'm sure it will get worse before it gets better but for the time being I'm enjoying our lazy day Sunday.

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