Monday, April 13, 2009

All Packed

This mama is going on a business trip! I leave very early tomorrow morning to head to the big city for a Crime Victims Rights Conference So for three whole days I will be away from my sweet boy. But I have no worries! I'm leaving him in the very capable hands of his Godparents, Chris and Darby! Not to mention that wonderful Caden is very excited about having The Hulk stay the night at his house! I'm sure The Hulk will have a blast. I even heard a rumor that trans fats and ice cream may be involved! Wahoo!!!

What I am worried about though is how I'm going to spend my evenings alone at the very nice hotel! There is a massage scheduled, possibly dinner with my sister one night, a huge comfy bed, jacuzzi tube, and a pool! Not to menton the pile of magazines I packed that I never have time to read at home. I am a little to worried that all that relaxation will make me not want to come home. Who knows.... But I'm all packed and ready to go!

Clickin Mama

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