Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stopping My Heart

I got a little bit of heart stopping news from my sister Heather the other day. It seems she is packing up her things and moving. To a new apartment I assumed in the same town that happens to be just 1 hour and 38 minutes from my town. I'm excited about this. New places can be fun. We can decorate. Super!

But no that is not Heather's plan. This is the heart stopping part. She said a new apartment in SAN FRANCISCO! And no I double checked there is not a San Francisco in Kansas. It's that stupid stupid San Francisco in California. That state that could fall into the ocean. The state that has a terminator for a Governor. That stupid city that happens to be exactly 26 hours and 21 minutes from my house. That is not close at all if you aren't good with measuring travel!

So you know what I said about that. I said good plan. I said if you want to try it you should do it while your young. I said you can always go and if you don't like it you can come home. I even said I thought it would be a great opportunity. So I said all the right things. All the supportive things. I said the good sister things.

And then when I got off the phone I laid on my bed and sobbed. I had a moment of panic. I figured out how many days we had gone without seeing each other ever and it's never been longer than 23 days. And much crying occurred in those 23 days. So after I quit crying I pulled myself together and remembered all the supportive kind good sisterly advice I had given and remembered that is the right thing to do. She does need to try this. She will be fine. And somehow so will I.

But I'm still trying to teach The Hulk how to say No Go Auntie Heather... Do you think it will work????

Clickin Mama

P.S. Heather I know you read this and seriously we will be fine. You will be fine, The Hulk and I will be fine, and we are gonna rack up some kick ass frequent flyer miles. Love you girlie!

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