Sunday, April 19, 2009

Steals and Deals

I just signed The Hulk and I up for a KinderMusik class. So we start taking our sing and sign class on Thursday night! I'm so excited! There are so few activities to do around here with little ones. I've been searching since The Hulk was born for some kind of activity for us. And we have been working on signing for awhile now too. So this class is perfect for us.

Since we signed up I was checking out the kindermusik website and found some great bargains! They have all kinds of cd's, dvd's, and books on sale. All the cd's come with board books and have lots of interactive songs. Some of them were only $1.95 a piece. I ended up spending $15.95 and got $89.95 worth of stuff! That is more than $50.00 in savings. So if you are ever looking for gifts for kids or activities for your kids that is a site to visit for some real deals!

Clickin Mama

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