Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not For Me

Well I'm beginning to think that dating is NOT for me! I was so excited about this date tonight. My friend Dena set me up with her friend J and thought we would have a blast. So I was psyched. I seriously never leave my house other than work, family stuff, picture stuff, church stuff, and The Hulk related activities. So going out to dinner and have hot food that I don't have to cut up into The Hulk size bites, wearing something cute, doing my hair, having someone pay attention to me. WOW that sounded like a good time!

Well it probably would have been if he had showed up! Yes indeed I was stood up! That's a first and hopefully a last. One time experiencing that was plenty. Supposedly his Grandpa is dying and he just couldn't leave him. So he called and told Dena this 10 minutes before our date was supposed to start. So she and her husband showed up to have dinner with me. Which it was a fun time. We laughed a TON, mostly at my expense. But still the food was hot, nothing got spilled on me and Dena's husband held the door open for me.

J did tell Dena that he would like to reschedule with me. I turned down that offer. I'm sorry if his Grandpa really is dying but I had a dying mom and I've had dying grandparents. And those are tough times. Which is exactly why I didn't schedule dates with anyone during that time period. If your Grandpa is at the hospice dying, don't plan a date, and then if you do, don't skip it at the last minute. That shows me that you lack good judgement. So sorry buddy... I can eat alone any day. I'm not waiting on some fool.

So I'll go back to hiding under my rock. And I just wrote myself a little note to have a talk with The Hulk tomorrow about how important it is to not stand girls up.

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