Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not So Free Wi-Fi

Did you know that if you stay at the Motel 6 they leave the light on for you and you get free wi-fi! AMAZING! You can also park in their parking lot for free and watch television for free. Again AMAZING! Did you know that at the Hyatt Regency none of those things are true? That's right folks. If you stay at the Hyatt Regency you will be paying for parking at $8.00 a day, and if you want to use the internet it's a real steal at $9.99 a day. Television is $4.99 and the bottled water in the room is $3.00 a bottle. But if you walk down the hall to the vending machine you can get the exact same bottled water for $1.50. CRAZY!!!!

So since this mama is broke I am not using the wi-fi at the hotel. I came over to my sisters house to check email and do some other stuff until she gets off work. Then we are heading out to dinner for some girl time and yummy hot food! While the hotel isn't all I thought it would be I'm having a good time. The conference is really really great! I'm learning a lot and have met a lot of people. I'll do a whole other post about that later. But I'm gonna sign off for now and head out for some fun!

Clickin Mama

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