Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Too Cute For My Shirt

I'm too cute for my shirt.... too cute for my shirt.... so cute that it hurts....

The Hulk does seem to think he is too cute for his shirt. His newest trick is undressing himself. And he actually can't do it all on his own but he has the dog help him. Yes I'm serious! I've watched from the doorway as to figure out how they do this. The Hulk will get his arms out of the sleeves and then he lays down on the floor and Lena yanks and tugs on the shirt to pull it over his head. The Hulk laughs and goes about his naked way. Crazy dog! Crazy kid! They are quite a pair.

In these pictures you can see his baby belly hanging over his pants. I took them about two weeks ago and in just that time frame he looks different. He still has a belly but it's smaller. He is really starting to thin out. Every day he looks more like a little boy rather than a baby! Oh time is flying by.

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