Saturday, April 25, 2009

Every Day Conversation

Every day I take The Hulk outside to play. And every day we have conversation that goes something like this....

Me: Here you go The Hulk. Here are some nice toys to play with while I work in the flower bed.

The Hulk Thinks: I like toys....

The Hulk Thinks: But I like this yucky piece of yard debris better!

Me: No The Hulk here are your toys.

The Hulk Thinks: I'm a sneaky devil and have this leaf in my pocket... She isn't watching so I'm gonna check it out...

Me: The Hulk No leaves!

The Hulk Thinks: In the mouth very quickly! She is coming, she will take it! IN THE MOUTH!!!

Me: No No The Hulk. Yucky Leaves. Don't eat leaves! I dig some of the leaf out of his mouth before he bites me.

The Hulk Thinks: She didn't get it all but this doesn't taste so good....

Me: The Hulk we can't eat leaves they make you throw up! NO MORE LEAVES!!!

The Hulk thinks: I'm about to throw up.... But I just can't stop eating them.

And this is what happens every time leaves are anywhere close to us! He eats them, I dig them out, he bites me, eats more, and then throws up. And then we go inside. Outdoor play is turning him into a bulimic! Wouldn't you think that he would figure out that leaves make his stomach hurt? He isn't stupid! But no he sees a leaf he eats it! Crazy kid!

Clickin Mama

*Disclaimer: Yes I know that he looks like an ashy little guy in these pictures like he has never had lotion in his life. But that's what happens when you crawl around on gravel and concrete trying to find leaves!

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