Thursday, April 2, 2009

So Long Bottles

Well this has been a great week for Mr. The Hulk! He gave up the bottle this week and is doing great! I thought this would be a bad deal. I've heard horror stories of much crying and drama over the weaning from a bottle. So I was a bit frightened. But The Hulk gave it up like it was no big deal. Thank goodness!

On Monday I took away one bottle during the day and he handled that so well I just decided to take them all way at once. So Tuesday and Wednesday he did without them fine! So tonight we bag all the bottles up and put them away. He only drinks from the sippy cup now and he doesn't even take a bedtime sippy cup of milk. He drinks a cup of milk with his dinner and that's it. Instead of doing a bedtime bottle we just read a few stories and call it a night. I'm so lucky that he is such an easy going kid.

I had no idea I would be so excited about this but I'm thrilled. Getting rid of the formula and bottles is so freeing. It means less stuff to drag around with us! WONDERFUL! Now how much longer till we can get rid of diapers?????

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