Thursday, August 20, 2009

At My Limit

I've reached my limit for the week, the month, the year! I can't take any more crap! I'm just done, done, done! Yesterday my power got shut off. Not because I didn't pay the bill but because of some freaking error with Westar. Nice! So I forked over money I didn't really have to get my account paid up when it already was paid up so they would turn it back on last night. Then this morning when they got the error fixed they said that they would just apply what I paid last night as a credit since they don't give refunds. Are you kidding me! That was my car payment money!

Then I go to the stupid endocrinologist today about my diabetes and left his office sobbing. I have nerve damage in my feet, the beginning stages of kidney failure, and 6 new prescriptions that I can't even afford to get filled. Oh and I just need to diet and exercise. Really?!? I feel so shitty every day that I'm just thrilled to make it through the work day and feed my child before I collapse. If I could exercise I would but when your blood sugar is in the 500 range you tend to feel like you are dying and can hardly move. But I'll get right on that!

And because the last 24 hours was not shitty enough I come home to open my mail and find a letter from the IRS. I owe according to them $10,000 and some change. SUPER!

Does anyone have a gun?????

Clickin Mama


Julie said...

I'm so sorry this is all happening to you Clickin Mama. In regards to the IRS, if you do in fact owe those back taxes, you can set up a payment plan with a very low interest rate (something like 4-6%) and you have plenty of time to pay it off. (I went through that over the past 2 years with the back taxes we owed from some debt elimination) I wish I had more words of encouragement for the other things. It sounds like you need to do something drastic to help your health issues. Have you ever met with a nutritionist?

Melba said...

Hang in are in my prayers!!