Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun At The Fair

Every summer the fair comes to town and the excitement builds. The kids want to ride the rides, the men want to watch all the events, and the fat girls scream for funnel cakes! And this year was no different. Except this is the first year my kiddo was old enough to actually ride the rides!

So as usual Darby, Chris, Caden, The Hulk and I met Darby's parents and her niece at the fair. After explaining to the children that they must stay right beside us and that they could not talk to any weird carnival workers we bought our bracelets/tickets. Dear God it's expensive to ride rides!

The kids had a blast riding all the rides. So much of a blast that I got brave and convinced Chris to ride the Spider with me. I haven't been on a carnival ride since high school and now I remember why! My stomach wasn't to thrilled with my decision making but I did laugh like crazy!

After riding the rides we got our delicious funnel cakes! They were still as good as last year. Gosh I love those things. And then we wrangled the tired kiddos on home. It really was a lot of fun at the fair!

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Julie said...

Those carnival rides make me laugh like an insane woman for about 30 seconds. Then the nausea sets in and I WANT OFF!!!

I started a new blog. I'm nuts.