Saturday, August 15, 2009

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

We all know that girls just wanna have fun... the song tells us so. But I know two little boys that just wanna have fun too! And boy do they know how to do that! In fact I think just watching them have fun is super fun! These boys love to splash and spray, slide and swim. There was much laughing and screaming all around. And lucky for them their fun in the sun doesn't end up like the big burn it did for me. They fared much better than I after pool time.

By mid morning this morning I was feeling nauseaus and running a low grade temp. My blistering burn was more pain then I could handle so off to the doctor I went. It seems I have "sun poisoning" not a simple sunburn. I explained that I wore sunscreen with a high SPF and wasn't out long and he said that it is a sign of toxicity from one of my diabetes medications. So he lowered the dosage of that medication, and prescribed me some high power burn ointment, and an antibiotic so infection hopefully won't set in. Due to my diabetes I'm slow to heal so that is always a risk. Damn diabetes!!! Hopefully in a few days I'll feel better.

Enough of the downside of the sun. Let's get back to the fun in the sun boys!!!

Seriously! Who can feel bad when you can look at little faces like these. They may not take all of the burn away but they sure are good medicine!!!

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Julie said...

Oh wow, I'm really glad you went to the doctor about that. How scary! I'm glad he figured out to lower your dosage. EEEK!!!