Monday, August 24, 2009


Well I think we have established that a lot of things are going very wrong for me right now. I would call this a dark time. I think we all have them at some point. You know you have had them too. And I've spent the last few days just trying to come to accept that things are tough and are going to be that way for awhile. There are some things I can do to improve the situation and I'm doing those things. But some of it can only be corrected with time. So I'm trying to accept the darkness while I wait. Think of all the character building this time period will create!

So while I wait in the dark I'm trying to focus on some of the light. I'm hoping that if I change my perspective things won't seem so grim. So while those things going wrong mingle and annoy me in the background my focus is now going to be on those good things. I'm going to just try to find the positive side to the down swing. And I've done some pondering and come up with this.

*** Being so broke has taught me more about stretching a dollar or a quarter or a penny. I have figured out ways to save money I never would have before. It's taught me how to reuse things creatively and never waste a thing. It's also forced me to find some really fun things for The Hulk and I to do together that are FREE! We have found wonderful parks, walking trails, art events, etc that are fun and free. So not all bad.

*** I've learned how to use the items I have in a way to maximize their potential. For example since the dryer is broken I now use my photography backdrop stand as an indoor clothes line! Who would have thought that pricey piece of equipment could be used in such a way. Thinking outside the box is GREAT!

*** Being told that I have nerve damage and could lose my feet someday doesn't have to be a downer! There are several upsides here. Either one I work hard with my doctor to find the right medication and diet to help me and I lose weight and look hot and I'm healthy. That's cool. And if that doesn't work they cut of my feet someday and I get to hop a lot and save money on shoes! I'm all about a bargain!

*** The IRS wants money from me. WHO CARES! Seriously my Dad always said that people can't take things you don't have. So why am I crying over IRS crap. They can't get money I don't have. Get in line folks and I'll just let you have my tax returns for the next couple years.

See things aren't bad! It's all about perspective. I see the light and I'm walking towards it. Let's all just hope it's not the train.

Clickin Mama


Beth in NC said...

I'm sorry to hear this. But it is great to learn some lessons about money. All of us could learn those lessons. I pray your doctors have wisdom how to help you Clickin Mama.


jodilee0123 said...

Yup~ I know all about those dark times. Keep your faith and keep on working toward your goals and you will get there. Sending my prayers!

Melba said...

You gotta' love the positive spin...sometimes it's the only way to get through!

Hang in there...this too shall pass!!