Thursday, August 27, 2009

When The Toys Are Mean

Okay you know it's bad when even the toys are mean! Last night I was sitting at the computer working on my meal plan for next week and feeling a little frustrated. Not bad just annoyed I guess. When all of a sudden I hear "This place is a pigsty"! What? I know the house is a mess but come on. Is God giving me a lecture now too! And then I hear "What a mess"! And finally I hear "Hey brushy let's get to work"!

I go to investigate the self esteem destroying discussion and find that the dog is playing with The Hulk' toy vacumn. I guess she bumped it and it just started talking away. Sassy toys I'm telling ya! I had no idea that toys were now designed to not only entertain children but make busy mom's feel like crap. Super!

Clickin Mama


Melba said...

This is funny! I thought you were going to say Silas was repeating things he's heard you say (I say that all the time in my house!) but this is even better...

Janis said...

lol my girls have the same toy! It drives me nuts...someday it might just be gone! :)

Girls FINALLY did their pictures in the tutus you made them. I will send them on as soon as I can! Super Cute!!! Thanks again so much!


Amanda said...

lol Just visiting from Janis's blog... I SOOOO have that vacuum!! And it tortures me to!