Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why Oh Why

Someone reading this must explain to me why oh why people get their nipples pierced? Does anyone know? I know it is supposed to increase the stimulation and all that. And you know I'm fine with that. If someone feels the need to pierce their nipples that's great. It's their deal. But I just don't want to see them. They freak me out a little bit and honestly I get a little bit of throw up in my mouth when I see them.

Today The Hulk and I are standing in line at the gas station to pay and this man walks in wearing no shirt. First this tells me he can't read because the sign clearly says "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service". But anyways he comes walking in shirtless and stands beside us. I can't help but notice his nipples are pierced. And I'm not talking he has a little stud earring in his nipples. Oh no they are HUGE rings. They looked like the big rings that you would put in a bull's nose. Freaky large nipple rings. The throw up is starting to climb up my throat.

Then he starts to talk to The Hulk. Nice nipple ring man is talking to my baby. And The Hulk loves nipple ring man. He is laughing and clapping and waving at him. I pinch his leg hoping it makes him stop but no no The Hulk and nipple ring man are having a moment! And then it happens. The Hulk lunges for nipple ring man and grasps the only thing he can. The nipple ring!!! Throw up now fills my mouth. Super my baby boy has now touched a nipple ring! For the love of all that is good and holy why is this happening!!!

So I jerk The Hulk back and yell no at him. Nipple ring man yelps in pain. I throw my $20 on the counter and walk out. Freak show has ended now folks so please look away. I put The Hulk in the car and drive home quickly. And yes I did bathe him in bleach just to make sure he would be clean again.

So really why nipple rings???

Clickin Mama

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Julie said...

HA! That'll learn him to always wear a shirt. :)