Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Hulk had to get some vaccinations last night. What you say? You are surprised? Oh wait so was I! This was not a planned event at all. In fact it caused quite a stir in my day! I'm not happy about it at all. And my frustration is about several different things.

As I've blogged about before I'm very leery of vaccinations. I'm not opposed to vaccinations. In fact I think that vaccinations are responsible for preventing the spread of very deadly illnesses. However, I am very much opposed to the vaccination schedule currently used for our children. And I'm incredibly opposed to giving numerous vaccinations at once. And I get downright angry about being forced or manipulated into having to "obey" the vaccination schedule that I feel could be harmful to my child. As a parent I should be able to make all medical decision about my own child. That is my right and my responsibility to him in my opinion.

But yesterday I was informed that the laws in Kansas have changed and now in order for The Hulk to stay in daycare he must have all his vaccinations caught up. So I met with the health department and voiced my concerns and was told that if I didn't vaccinate him that they could have him removed from daycare. So again I voiced my concerns. Not only did they want me to vaccinate my child against what my mom gut was telling me to do but they wanted me to give him 6 shots at once. Hmmmm that doesn't even make good sense to me. That is too much at once.

So after much debating I agreed to four of the vaccines. So The Hulk had those four. There are two more that they were pretty adamant about but I just refuse to give them to him right now. I won't do it. If you want to know which ones they are you can email me but I think every parent should make there own choices about their child so I don't want to throw it out there.

So basically the plan now is for them to file the request to remove him from daycare. I then have the right to appeal that request. I figure that this process will take a good couple of months. By that time The Hulk will be old enough that I will feel more comfortable giving him the vaccines. If I could somehow push it off till he was two I'd feel more comfortable but I'm willing to move forward at 18 months if push comes to shove.

Amazing that parents really can't make all the medical decisions for their children isn't it. Dang that just ticks me off still!

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Mike and Katie said...

if a child is cared for by a private person and not a liscensed day care can vaccines be avoided?

we found a homeopathic remedy at our health food store called vaccusick (i think) that may help him recover. yeah, it's from dynamic nutritional associates which also can be ordered by a chiropractor.