Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Around The House

Well there have been some big changes around our house. We did a major room swap this weekend. A big thanks to Heather, Kelci, Shawn and Amanda for helping me! Even with all of us working at it it took all day Sunday to accomplish. But we love it.

The switch occurred for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that I had put my nice dining room table that belonged to my mom out in our shop building to use the dining room as my photo area. But I was a nervous wreck that the table was going to get damaged. So in order to bring the table back in the house and still have an area for the photo studio we had to switch rooms. Also The Hulk is a hot mess falling all over as he learns to climb and walk. And the old living room has hard ceramic tile. He was making me a nervous wreck too. So the room switch means he will be on carpet most of the time.

So while the living room is much smaller now the baby and table are both protected. And The Hulk and I have had such fun the last two nights playing in the new living room. It's very cozy and we can rough house and roll around on the floor. And the "stuff" in this room is very minimal which means The Hulk doesn't have as much to get into and I don't have to say no as much! WAHOO!!!!

So here are some pics of the new arrangement.

The new living room with the The Hulk toy corner....

All of the books on that bookcase belong to The Hulk! They were all in various baskets before so I didn't realize how many there were! That boy has some books.

The whole room with the dog checking it all out. She was a little freaked about the transformation.

The photo portion of the new dining room/photo studio...

And the dining room section. I need to get a really large piece of art for the wall...

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