Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drive Faster Dad

My Dad is on his way home for The Hulk' birthday! He will be here tomorrow sometime. When I talked to him earlier he was somewhere in Arkansas. So drive a little faster Dad! I wish you were here already! Heather is coming home tomorrow too! I wish she was here already! So Heather if your reading this maybe you could call in sick to work tomorrow and come home a little sooner.... Pretty please!

Anyways it should be a wonderful weekend! I'm so excited. So many of my aunts and uncles are coming this weekend to celebrate The Hulk turning 1. We should have a fun time. We are having his birthday party on Sunday rather than on his actual birthday on Saturday. So I think we will just hang out and relax on Saturday and then party like rock stars on Sunday.

I work all day tomorrow but in my head I'm gonna start the festivities about noon! Maybe I could play some rock music in the afternoon and pretend I'm already partying....

Clickin Mama

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