Monday, March 23, 2009


Usually on Monday I post Not Me Mondays! hosted by MckMama. But today I will not be posting the Not Me's. You see sweet Stellan, son of MckMama is very sick. In place of the Not Me Monday post I'm posting this prayer request. When Stellan was in the womb the doctors said he would not live. You see his heart was beating to fast and he was not well. But MckMama told her blogging buddies and praying readers about Stellan and we all went to our knees to pray for this little boy. Thousands of people prayed and when Stellan was born that heart of his beat perfectly.

But something has happened. Stellan got sick over the weekend and is now in the hospital. His heart has been beating in the 260-300 range for hours now and the doctors have tried numerous medications and techniques but it won't slow down. This is the same problem he had in the womb. So I ask you to please please pray for this little boy that so many have grown to love. Pray that God again heals him in a way that only God can do. And please if your heart so desires please visit My Charming Kids and let MckMama and family know you are praying.

Clickin Mama

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